EDDR Software Joins the Electronic System Design Alliance

EDDR Software is a software company specializing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, and today becomes a member of the Electronic System Design Alliance (ESD Alliance) an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem.

"The ESD Alliance allows us to collaborate with others in the semiconductor industry to create better tools for customers," says Kevin Nesmith, EDDR Software's chief executive officer (CEO). "We look forward to participating in working groups to help determine the future direction of this market sector."

For more information about EDDR Software visit https://www.eddrs.com.

EDDR Software is an enterprise software company focused on the development and integration of EDA products and tools. The company also offers custom services and solutions for EDA and semiconductor companies. Contact us at info@eddrs.com for more information.

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Provided by EUPB Business News

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