Fecteau Awarded the Commendation Medal

United States Army Major Matthew J Fecteau of Pawtucket, Rhode Island was awarded the Commendation Medal on May 3rd, 2017, for his service in support of operations across the Greater Middle East. According to Army Regulation, the Commendation Medal is awarded to members of the military who distinguish themselves “by an act of heroism, extraordinary achievement, or meritorious service.”

When presented the award, Major Fecteau said, “This is an amazing honor. I would like to dedicate this to my friends, family, and members of my community.”

When asked to comment, Major Fecteau’s commander, United States Army Colonel Roger K Davis stated, “Matt has always upheld the highest standards, and he has always served with integrity and honor. This award is a testament to Matt’s service.” Additional remarks came from United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Durant, “Matt has always put others before himself and is one of the finest officers I’ve come to serve alongside.

This award is well deserved.”

With permission from the Secretary of the Army, Major Fecteau ran for State Senate in Pawtucket challenging state Senator James Doyle. Though unsuccessful, Mr Fecteau, as a private citizen, was proud to challenge an entrenched politician known notoriously known for ripping off a small business owner, abuse of power, being the establishment "yes" man, and being absent from almost all his critical committee votes.

Major Fecteau will be redeploying back to the United States this summer to attend Harvard University. He looks forward to future service to his country and community.

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