MailV2 Connect

MailV2 Connect is a social tool which combines sharing your latest photographs, making new friends and of course chatting with other MailV2 users. MailV2 Connect is available to all MailV2 users and fully community enabled. If you have an account with us, you are already able to use MailV2 Connect!

MailV2 Connect Features

• Discover new photographs and users
• Share your latest photographs
• Comment on other user's submissions
• Add posts to your favorite list
• Make friendship requests and follow others
• Use our real-time messenger to stay in touch with friends
• Get Push Notifications on Likes, Comments, Friend requests and messages

... and so much more!

Download MailV2 Connect

MailV2 Connect is available on the Google Play Store. It's free, contains no ads and fits perfectly into our service. If you enjoy MailV2, you will enjoy MailV2 Connect, the latest addition to our service.

Download on Google Play


A few screenshots of MailV2 Connect. Download a copy to explore what our App has to offer. Our developers are working hard to add additional functionality to make MailV2 Connect your favorite social App.

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Social Profiles

MailV2 comes with a free social profile page which contains all your social media links on one page. Even your twitter timeline is covered!

Why share multiple links with friends if your MailV2 profile contains all links to accounts you own?

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Privacy First

Unlike many services, MailV2 cares about your privacy. We do not ask for personal details, we don't analyze your emails and we don't share any data with third parties.