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MailV2 is a free email service provider, focusing on offering more than just an email address. Besides providing a free email address, MailV2 also features the latest news and enables readers to share stories and comment on the latest headlines and trends.

When a user registers with our service, he instantly gains access to all services we offer, including a social profile where social networking accounts can be linked, and a personal / favorite website can be featured. Be it commenting news, posting comments about his favorite game or posting his opinion about trending topics.


MailV2 is a free service provided by:

Content Intelligence LLC
A Delaware registered company.
Contact: webmaster @ mailv2.com

By using our service, you agree to our Terms of Service. Besides providing a free email service, MailV2 also offers various other services such as a personal social profile page where users can share their links, social profiles and a short BIO. All our services are provided free of charge. MailV2 also offers PRO services which can be added to the basic free email service.

MailV2 News Editors

MailV2 news editors review and edit pending news submissions. Our main priority is publishing and distributing newsworthy stories. MailV2 cares about the quality of business news, as we believe our website visitors are interested in serious news and not just "yet another advertisement". To ensure the quality of our news service is above average, we have dedicated news editors, which are listed below.

Michael Bolt
Editor in Chief

Jessica Sumpter
Business News

Richard Meyer
General News

Please note that not all news are posted by our editors. When reading a news story, make sure to contact the publisher directly instead of MailV2 as we are a news distribution service and most likely not the publisher.

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MailV2 comes with a free social profile page which contains all your social media links on one page. Even your twitter timeline is covered!

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Privacy First

Unlike many services, MailV2 cares about your privacy. We do not ask for personal details, we don't analyze your emails and we don't share any data with third parties.