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MailV2 is a free email service provider, focusing on offering more than just an email address. Besides providing a free email address, MailV2 also features the latest news and enables readers to share stories and comment on the latest headlines and trends.

Last but not least, MailV2 also offers its users a free social profile page where they can showcase their twitter profile, websites and a short BIO column. The social page also includes a contact form which directs incoming messages directly into the user's email account.


MailV2 delivers the latest news and headlines from all over the world. We welcome you to participate in news discussions by posting comments which reflect your opinion.

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MailV2 comes with a free social profile page which contains all your social media links on one page. Even your twitter timeline is covered!

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Unlike many services, MailV2 cares about your privacy. We do not ask for personal details, we don't analyze your emails and we don't share any data with third parties.